How To Speed Up a Suddenly Slow Android Phone

Do you ever wonder why your Android smartphone behaves sluggishly?

Your favorite apps don’t pop onto the screen as fast as they used to. Multitasking seems to take longer than ever. Screen animations seem to take forever now.

Why does your smartphone play dumb and perform like it can’t wake up? Most often, the reason is poor user handling.

Why is my Android slow? 8 ways to troubleshoot your phone

Those symptoms of lethargic laziness replicate the maladies often seen in desktop and laptop computers. The cause for both is not aging electronic parts. Instead, it is the user’s fault for failing to follow up with proper phone hygiene.

The solution is not to get a new phone. Unless that is, you must have a new cell phone every year or two. Still, like your current phone, even a new top-of-the-line model will eventually crawl its way through the same work-and-play tasks.

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